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CardDav-Sync free with MailSync+

This is a quick guide to setting up an android device to sync contacts with the MailSync+ service using CardDav-Sync free.

After you have installed CardDav-Sync free from the play store you should see this window:

When you open for the first time you should see the menu to the right:

  • Choose CardDAV
  • In the upper right click on the icon.
    • Now check the box for "Use preemptive authentication"
  • Now, enter Server name or URL:
  • username: (this is your email address)
  • enter your password
  • tap "next", then "done"

That's it, your done!

Contacts should now sync between the server and your phone.

What is the difference between CardDAV-Sync free and the paid version of CardDAV-Sync?

The paid version will sync additional fields which can be very helpful in a business environment. Its also a great app so we recommend you spend the $2.09 and buy the paid version of the app.