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Unscheduled Outage Notification: September 8th 2020 at 1:18PM - 3:11PM CDT

Unscheduled Outage Notification:

Start Time: 01:18PM CDT
Resolved: 3:11PM CDT

At 1:18PM CDT a hardware failure occurred in our Northern Minnesota datacenter location. This caused a partial outage for some database related services. The hardware was replaced and service was restored at 3:11PM CDT

This effected database service but no data was lost.

Total service downtime: apox. ~1hr:53min.

Unscheduled Maintenance: March 14th 2019 at 10:14PM - 10:29PM CDT

Unscheduled Maintenance Notification:
Brief service outage for some customers reported.
Start Time: 10:14PM CST
Resolved: 10:29PM CST

VPS node failure caused a brief service outage in our Northern Minnesota Facility until secondary systems were able to take over and mitigate load. Currently investigating the cause of the primary node failure.
Should you have any questions please contact support.