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How do I setup Outlook to synchronize with the MailSync+ servers?

Step by Step instructions for MailSync and MailSync+

  • Close Outlook
  • Download and Install the Mailenable connector
  • Open outlook and create a new account
  • From the top menu choose "File" > "Add Account"
  • Select "Manually configure service settings or additional server types" > Next
  • Choose "Other" then "MailEnable Server"
    1. Enter your Email Address
    2. Enter your Password
    3. Server Address:
    4. User Name: {your full email address]
    5. Your Name: {This should be the name you want people to see when you send an email}
    6. Description: {This is the folder name that will appear on the right in outlook, name it anything you want}
    7. [X] Enable advanced configuration
  • Select the mailbox tab at the top and choose "Use SSL".
  • Under the connection tab we recommend you can choose "Update folders at startup" and "Download entire messages" if the the computer has a high speed connection internet connection.
    • Select OK, OK
  • Finished.

Now reopen outlook and the new account should be setup.

Mailsync+ Setup Instructions, MAPI Connector

Download the current MAPI utility for outlook and install it.

After downloading and installing the utility:

  1. Open outlook
  2. Go to Tools > Accounts/Account Settings
  3. Select New
  4. Check Manually configure server settings or additional server types > Next
  5. Other > MailEnable Server >Next
  6. Check Enable advanced configuration at the bottom
  7. Enter the following:
    1. Server Address:
    2. Username: (Your email)
    3. Password: (Your password)
    4. Your Name: (Your name as you would like  it displayed when you send an email)
    5. Email Address: (your email)
    6. Account Description: Give the account a name, this will appear in the folder list on the left in outlook
    7. Click the Mailbox tab and select Use SSL
  8. Click ok and wait for outlook to sync, you will then get a notification that says The E-mail Account you have just added will not start until you choose Exit from the file menu, and then restart Microsoft Office Outlook. Click OK, Click Finish.

Outlook should now be setup, synchronizing with the servers and working properly

Mailsync+ Setup Instructions, Android

Setup Email Sync on Android:

  1. Open settings > Accounts & Sync > Add Account > Email
  2. enter your email address and password
  3. click manual setup
  4. select POP3 or IMAP (note: IMAP will store your data on the email server allowing you to sync email across multiple devices)
  5. verify that username is correct
  6. update the mail server to be
  7. select security type SSL/TLS
  8. Next
  9. update the SMTP server to be
  10. change the security type SSL/TLS
  11. verify your username
  12. Next
  13. update preferences
  14. Next
  15. Enter your contact details
  16. Next/Finish

Setup Contacts & Calendar sync on Android:

Sync Method 1: (Preferred Method)

Sync Contacts and Calendar Entries,

  1. Download a CardDav & CalDav client like DAVx5
  2. Server Name / URL:
  3. Username: {your email address}
  4. Password: {your password}

Method 2: (Optional)

  1. Open the app store and install a SyncML client
  2. Open the App
  3. select Login
  4. Username: (generally your email address)
  5. Password:
  6. Server URL:
  7. Login