How do I setup Outlook to syncronize with the MailSync+ servers?

Step by Step instructions for MailSync and MailSync+

  • Close Outlook
  • Install connector
  • open outlook
  • Create a new account, choose other then "MailEnable Server"
  • Server Addres:
  • Username: full email address
  • Password: password
  • Name: As you would like it to appear when sending emails
  • Email Address: full email address
  • Account description: Anything you want
  • [X] Enable advanced confirguration
  • Select the mailbox tab at the top and choose "Use SSL", as well as "Enable public folders" and "Enable server hosted file access" at the bottom.
  • Select the Update folders at startup if the user has a faster connection.
  • Select OK, OK
  • Finished.

Now reopen outlook and the new account should be setup.