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How do I setup Outlook to synchronize with the MailSync+ servers?

Step by Step instructions for MailSync and MailSync+

  • Close Outlook
  • Download and Install the Mailenable connector
  • Open outlook and create a new account
  • From the top menu choose "File" > "Add Account"
  • Select "Manually configure service settings or additional server types" > Next
  • Choose "Other" then "MailEnable Server"
    1. Enter your Email Address
    2. Enter your Password
    3. Server Address:
    4. User Name: {your full email address]
    5. Your Name: {This should be the name you want people to see when you send an email}
    6. Description: {This is the folder name that will appear on the right in outlook, name it anything you want}
    7. [X] Enable advanced configuration
  • Select the mailbox tab at the top and choose "Use SSL".
  • Under the connection tab we recommend you can choose "Update folders at startup" and "Download entire messages" if the the computer has a high speed connection internet connection.
    • Select OK, OK
  • Finished.

Now reopen outlook and the new account should be setup.